Course curriculum

This new course is for everyone. Neurodivergent and neurotypicals alike are encouraged to join in and learn about how executive functioning is so critical to ADHD understanding and management!

    1. Introduction and Executive Functions Overview

    1. Self Awareness

    2. Class week 1

    3. Taking Charge of Adult ADHD - Chapter on Executive Function

    4. EF Scale -- BDEFS-LF: Self-Report

    5. 7 Tips to improve Self Awareness

    6. EPIC/FAIl (fun short reading)

    7. DBT Handouts week 1

    1. Inhibition

    2. Class week 2

    3. Reading Barkley

    4. Inhibition

    5. Wise Mind/Mindfulness

    6. DBT week 2

    1. Nonverbal Working Memory

    2. week 3

    3. Clockless mind

    4. Feelings DBT worksheet

    5. Affirmations Worksheet

    6. Distracting Activities DBT worksheet

    7. Links about Working Memory

    8. Time Blindness article

    1. Verbal Working Memory

    2. video1162436278

    3. Journal of Neuropsychology - 2021 - Anker - Verbal working memory and processing speed Correlations with the severity of

    4. DBT ending relationships worksheet

    5. A Closer Look at Working Memory and ADHD - Adult ADHD

    6. Supporting-verbal-working-memory

    7. Working Memory in ADHD: Remembering Not To Forget - 10018

    1. Emotion Regulation

    2. Week 5

    3. DBT worksheet

    4. Keeping it Real Chap 10

    5. Role of Emotions

    6. From Extra Focus By. Jesse Anderson

About this course

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  • Join us for 7 live lessons in a small group setting as we deep dive into the 7 main Executive Functions


Kate Kamoshita , M.A.

ADHD Educator

Kate Kamoshita is a professional educator and ADHD advocate. She is based in Tokyo and working to spread alternative educational routes and promote neurodiversity acceptance. Kate was diagnosed with ADHD at 34 and created Learning Compass to help people better understand and work with their brains. AWARENESS + EDUCATION = ACCEPTANCE

What's included in the course?

Neuro Quest wants to help you learn in an ADHD friendly environment.

  • Small class sizes of 10 or less per class

  • One 30 min session with your instructor are available to ensure you reach your goals! (a value of 100 USD)

  • Courses are recorded with captioning. Missed the class or want to review? Not a problem! All live classes are available with downloadable audio and video files and full transcripts.

  • Access to all the LC school resources and course recordings for one year. All the resources are science based and peer reviewed, I do the research so you can just learn!

  • Access to a private discord community to meet other students, access body doubling sessions, and grow a community network!

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